Registered Name: Anna’s Princess of Recherche

AKC #: SR75625702

Date of Birth: November 8, 2012

Hips: BVA 2:2 (OFA equivalent

Elbows: OFA Normal (Negative on Dysplasia)

Eyes: OFA Cleared (GR-EYE6267/24F/VPI)

Heart: OFA Normal (GR-CA25009/12F/P-VPI)

Country of Origin: USA
(bred by Recherche Goldens)

Weight: 74 lbs

Height: 25 inches

About Bella

Bella is a very special Golden that we own. She is the daughter of our Anna and Dutch. Anna is probably our best looking English Golden girl we own. We really encourage you to look over
Anna’s page and see what her pedigree and looks are. Dutch’s pedigree is one of the best in the world.

He’s the son of 2009 & 2011 World Champion Dewmist Silk Screen. Combining Anna and Dutch and keeping the best girl from that litter was an easy decision. Bella was chosen because not only was she incredibly good looking, she’s very sweet, loving and gentle. She’s not hyper whatsover and really is a dependent sweet girl. She’s the tallest girl we own and so we project her pups will be very large. Bella is a very large, blocky headed, beautiful English Golden.

In addition to her incredible looks she has extremely high health clearances with perfect hips (OFA/BVA Excellent), OFA Perfect elbows, OFA eyes and OFA heart. This is extremely rare especially for a Golden Retriever. According to the OFA (Click HERE to see Study), over 127,268 different Golden Retrievers hips x-rays has been submitted and only 4% of Golden Retrievers score an “Excellent” rating. Anything below a BVA 4:4 is an “Excellent” hip rating which means Bella doesn’t just have “Excellent” hips but superbly “Excellent” hips! She has the highest hip score of any Golden we have or have seen.

Bella’s Pedigree

Bella’s pedigree is very good. Her mother again is our Anna & her father is our Dutch. Between both parents you will see 4 World Champions, several International Champions & European Champions. She also has several Dutch, German, Finnish, English, Irish, Luxembourg, Hungarian, & Slovakian champions in her pedigree! To view her official pedigree just visit Anna and Dutch‘s pages.

Bella Pictures