Our Girl – Melbourne

Registered Name:
Sydney’s Melbourne of Recherche

Date of Birth: 
January 1, 2019

AKC #: 

Health Information

Hips: BVA 6:5 (OFA equivalent “Good”)

Elbows: BVA 1:2

Eyes: CERF/OFA Cleared (GR-EYE21381/21F-VPI)

Heart: OFA Normal (GR-CA35907/14F/P-VPI)

Country of Origin: USA

Weight: 52 lbs

About Melbourne

Melbourne is one of our ” great grand dogs.” We produced her mother Sydney and her grandmother. This is the first 3rd generation “Recherche Golden.” With every generation we get the best of the best of the best. Melbourne has an incredible pedigree and comes from generations of health clearances and show champions.

Melbourne’s personality is she is an absolute sweetheart. She is soft and sweet while still being outgoing and loves to play with everyone she meets. While outgoing, she is not hyper and enjoys to be by your side taking in all the cuddles and love in along the way. To top it all off, her looks are incredible with her big blocky head and her light cream coat. She’s an average size female weighing in right at 52lbs.

Melbourne scores in the top 20% percentage of Golden Retrievers with BVA 6:5 (OFA equivalent “Good”) score.

Melbourne’s Pedigree

If you study Melbourne’s pedigree you will see that she has multiple World Champions, several International Champions & European Champions. She also has several Irish, English, Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Slovakian, English, Dutch, German and many more country champions in her close pedigree!

You may click on any of the names in Melbourne’s Pedigree to see his/her official K9 pedigree. You can also see most of their official hip and eye scores.

Melbourne’s Pictures

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