Our Girl – Yanna

Registered Name:
Pacific Love of Clear Passion

Date of Birth: 
January 25, 2019

AKC #: 

About Yanna

Yanna is an incredible English Golden that we imported from one of the world’s best breeders…Clear Passion Kennels in Romania. She is an absolute sweetheart. She’s calm, laid back and confident. She’s not shy and timid which plagues English Goldens. She’s not high energy or hyper but also is super laid back. She has a perfectly balanced energy level. She has an incredibly blocky head with a beautiful light coat. She has one of the blockiest heads of any female we have ever owned. Best yet, she has maybe the best health clearances of any Golden we ever owned. She was cleared in Europe before coming to American and scored the highest hip score A1 and was cleared with her elbows, ophthalmologist cleared with her eyes and cardiologist cleared with her heart. Only 4% of Golden Retrievers score “A2.” A1 is even better.

Yanna’s Pedigree

Yanna’s pedigree is incredible as you can see below. She has generations of health clearances and show champions. In fact, you can  Between both parents you will see World Champions, several International Champions & European Champions. She also has several Bulgarian, Polish, Serbian, Romanian, Dutch, Luxembourg, German & Finnish champions in her pedigree!  You could also see her pedigree on K9 Data HERE.

Yanna’s Pictures

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