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The below video was taken on Jan. 30, 2014. We had 7 of our pups put on the Jimmy Fallon show to predict the Superbowl winners. We were very proud of the pups. Though they got it wrong, we just figured they were being nice to the Denver Broncos!

Please take time to read the email sent to us July 14, 2014

It has been a neverending 9 month adventure filled with much joy for Stephanie and our family. I am going to send several pictures where gracie is bonding with Stephanie. gracie-2Our key command every day to Gracie is ” have you stayed with Stephanie today”. She has learned that is our way of her remembering that she is Stephanies puppy.

You cannot believe the compliments when we take Stephanie with Gracie to the vet as every one has to stop and talk to both of them. Gracie sticks very close to Stephanie. Our best compliment and one you and Charity, should take great pride in, is when we had set up a appointment for Gracie to stay with a professional trainer and her main task was to reinforce what Recherché has done but also get use to being around other dogs.

We left for two weeks to take our family to Hawaii, but we left Gracie to spend some more time with the trainer. Our trainer Shelby, indicated as she has met Stephanie our daughter, but she indicated she has never seen such a high quality dog that is a perfect match for NI-NI(Stephanie). She said she has trained between 2-3 thousand dogs and out of all of those dogs, she thinks only 4-5 dogs would be a possible match for Ni-Ni.

This sure brought some tears to our eyes that we finally had been able to find a friend and companion for Ni-Ni. All of our best wishes and a sincere thank you for placing Gracie with Ni-Ni.

Please take time to read this email sent to us January 13, 2013

Dear Jamel and Charity Hamka,

With great interest I looked at your stunningly beautiful and detailed website, featuring your gorgeous English Cream Goldens and I am not at all embarrassed to admit that I cried because I did not have the good fortune to purchase my English Cream Golden from your kennel. In my overwhelming joy and anticipation of owning one of these beautiful dogs, I acted too hastily and was not selective enough and realized too late that I was dealing with a breeder who offered no information, made no photos, gave no ancestry details and did not ask one single question about us, caring little or nothing about his pup or what kind of home we were going to provide for it.

We paid just a little less than what you ask for your pups, but I would gladly have paid just a bit more in order to know that we would receive a “new member of the family” from an integrative, caring and supportive breeder, who has the best in mind for his dogs and their prospective owners. I am impressed with the in-depth care you are willing to provide from the time your pups are born until they go to their for-ever homes. The training, the exposure, the excellent food and vitamin regimen, all are a guarantee for happy, healthy and well-socialized dogs, making the transition from breeder to new owner so much easier.

I would have loved a few photos, a memento of my dog’s very first weeks, but I was not that lucky! My pup was one you describe on your website, one who was born in a kennel, lived outside until she came to us and who had to compete for her food and water with other siblings and other litters. To this very day she still gulps down her food in unbelievable haste, not chewing it and vomiting it up later, always worried someone will beat her to the bowl and afraid she will have to do without. She was terrified of stairs, any stairs, be it at home or in town and the very beginning principles of toilet training were completely unknown to her. With lots of reassuring, calmness and encouragement I trained my dog to believe that there always will be enough food, that it is o.k. if someone looks in your ears or touches your paw and that we take vitamins every day.

Thank you for the treat of looking at your beautiful website, which contains all the information any prospective English Cream Golden owner ever could wish for!