SOLD! “Aspen” – Healthy Adult English Golden Male

Registered Name: 
Wait and See of Clear Passion

Date of Birth: 
September 15, 2014

AKC #: 

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About Aspen

Aspen was selected to be a stud dog for Recherche Goldens because he was the nephew of our favorite all time Golden Amos. His mother is the sister of Amos’ father. He was bred by the same breeder and has the same incredible pedigree lines. We have produced many incredible healthy and beautiful pups from Amos and so it was natural to do our best to purchase another male from the same great breeder with the same great lines. Aspen thankfully has not disappointed. He has the same beautiful unique blocky head as Amos. He’s came back with near perfect health clearances and is a very sweet, dependent and well behaved boy. His is not a large male and weighs only around 65 lbs. 

Aspen is a sweet, playful and confident boy. He is slightly dependent, slightly outgoing and confident on our Recherche Score. Aspen is a boy that does love to be hanging out by your side whenever you want. He is very friendly and loves everyone he meets. He still can be content off doing his own thing and self entertain. He is a playful and outgoing boy and loves to run around and play with you at home but by no means is he hyper or high energy. Aspen is also a confident boy and he has handled all new situations very well without being pushy or stubborn at all. 


Level 1 Training


Go-Home Date:
July 15, 2022

Level 2 Training


Go-Home Date:
August 15, 2022

Level 3 Training


Go-Home Date:
September 15, 2022

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