For Sale! “Abigail” – Balanced Calm Girl from Christiana & Felix

We are very excited to introduce Abigail, (name can change) a sweet girl pup from Christiana & Felix born December 12, 2023. Abigail’s “Recherche Score” is 6:4:5 meaning she is slightly dependent, calm and balanced on her confidence. She has a near perfect “middle-of-the-road” personality. She’s not extreme in either way. She’s very mature and calm and acts much older than her age. She’s not strong willed or stubborn. She’s naturally sweet and submissive. Her personality is described and shown in detail in the video above. Size wise, our best guess is she will grow up to be 55-65 lbs. with a beautiful solid white coat . She comes with our Lifetime Warranty.

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Puppy Academy


Go-Home Date:
March 5, 2024

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Go-Home Date:
April 2, 2024

Master's Program


Go-Home Date:
April 30, 2024

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Our Adoption Process

All pictures below are of Abigail

The Parents 

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