SOLD! Bailey- White & Sweet Ms. Yellow from Hannah & Dutch Litter


“Bailey” (name can be changed) with extensive training in The Puppy Training Institute

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2012 International Champion Dutch & 2011 International Ch. Hannah are proud parents of Bailey born November 18, 2016.  Click on the names or the below pictures to look at the parents. Both parents are in the top 20% of hip, elbow, eye and heart clearances. Dutch has the best pedigree of any stud dog we use. He’s an International champion and the son of the winningest Golden Retriever in the world today…2009 & 2011 World Champion Dewmist Silk Screen. It’s exceptional rare to win a world championship but Dutch’s dad won twice. Dutch is very confident, outgoing and easy going. International Champion Hannah is one of the sweetest and most loving females we breed. She is so calm, laid back and absolutely stunning. She has one of the thickest coats for a female and one of the blockiest heads of a female. This is the 3rd Hannah litter we have produced and they have always been incredible pups. You can see pictures of previous Hannah pups by clicking HERE. We even kept a Hannah pup a couple of years ago and use her for breeding named Willow.

Bailey’s personality is very loving, affectionate, dependent and slightly outgoing. She’s not hyper or high energy but she is confident and not extremely low energy. She is very intelligent and is doing better than any other pup in her litter with training. She is very friendly and loves to give kisses. She’s the largest girl in her litter and will probably get 65-70 lbs full grown with a thick white coat and blocky head. Like most of the pups in the litter she has a very white coat.

She is able to go home after:

  1. Canine College (training till 16 weeks of age) – March 10, 2017 OR
  2. Master’s Program (training till 20 weeks of age) – April 7, 2017 OR
  3. Doggy Doctorate (training till 6 months of age) – May 18, 2017

Please visit our Puppy Training Institute page to learn and watch about every training level we offer in detail. We work on 4 core areas in our training….House Training (potty training, chew training, jump training, etc…), Outside Training (leash training, car training, thunderstorm training), Socialization Training (stranger trained, child trained, dog/cat trained, etc…) & Obedience Training (sit, stay, lay, come, place, etc…). It is a very extensive program that requires a staff of professional trainers and first-class facilities. We currently have 7 professional trainers and 8 veterinarian technicians/assistants that work full time to provide the training and socialization we require of every puppy. An average Canine College puppy (16 weeks old) receives over 350 hours of professional training and each week adds 25 hours of training. Please visit our Puppy Training Institute page to learn what goals we have for each program along with watching videos of what a typical Canine College, Master’s Program, and Doggy Doctorate puppy looks like. The longer you can afford for them to be in training the better trained your pup will be. For example, in potty training, our Canine College pup can hold their restroom for around 2 hours during the day inside while a Doggy Doctorate pup doubles that.

Click the image of International Ch. Dutch & International Ch. Hannah to learn more about them



Both parents have near PERFECT health clearances (hip, elbow, eyes and heart) and each pup comes with a very good and realistic 4-year health warranty.

Our puppies receive professional training in our Puppy Training Institute

Every Golden Retriever puppy from Recherche Goldens receives between 250 and 800 hours of professional puppy training through our Puppy Academy, Canine College, Master’s Program and Doggy Doctorate.

Puppy Pricing

Canine College- 16 weeks old (350 hours of training): $13,900

Master’s Program- 20 weeks old (450 hours of training): $15,900

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All Pictures Below are of Bailey

Recent Pictures

10 Week Old Training Video

8 Week Old Video

8 Week Old Pictures

4 Week Old Pictures

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