For Adoption! “Chelsea” – Sweet Yng. Adult Girl from Melbourne

We are very excited to introduce Chelsea, (name can change) a beautiful girl from Melbourne & Jacob born March 10, 2023. Chelsea’s personality score is 8:7:4 meaning she very dependent, outgoing and shy. She is an absolute love-bug that is very affectionate and loving. She’s listed as a special needs dog simply because she is very shy towards new people and mainly men. We have worked extremely hard at socializing her but she is genetically pre-dispositioned to be very good with one family. Whenever new people meet her she takes a while to warm up. It’s not terrible but if you want a pup to go with you everywhere she’s not going to be super comfortable. She would do better in a home where she spends most of her time with her family and that’s it. Her price has been lowered $9000 as a result of this. She’s absolutely stunning with a beautiful blocky head and light coat. She is currently 55 lbs and will probably max out at 55-60 lbs.  

Chelsea has a LIFETIME Warranty as well as a 30 Day Guarantee! If for some reason you are not satisfied with your puppy you are able to return your pup back to Recherche for a replacement pup or partial refund. Click to learn more about our industry leading warranty & guarantee.

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Puppy Pricing

Doggy Dbl. Doctorate 16


Go-Home Date:
July 10, 2024

Doggy Dbl. Doctorate 17


Go-Home Date:
August 10, 2024

Doggy Dbl. Doctorate 18


Go-Home Date:
September 10, 2024

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Our Adoption Process

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The Parents 

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