Bruce Schumann – Roxie

We could not be happier with the addition of our beautiful English Golden Retriever, Roxie, who is now nearly 3 (born April 2010). She is a wonderful family dog; she is very tolerant with young children and so sweet and gentle. She loves to play, especially fetching sticks.

She cooperates fully with even the most unpleasant demands, such as cleaning her ears, clipping her nails or bathing; she will let me do anything to her, completely submitting to whatever is asked of her.

We made an investment in professional training and that has made her the envy of our neighborhood; people always comment on how well behaved & well trained she is. I walk Roxie off leash with no concerns that she will stray from my side when given a command (even with the temptations of other dogs, deer, cats, squirrels, chickens, etc.).

We have owned several other dogs in the past and I must say, though I loved them all, Roxie is the best dog–EVER!!!