Heaven Sent Gabriel

Jamel and Charity will always hold a special place in my heart.  We first ‘met’ through emails. I had lost my Golden Retriever to hermangiosarcoma.  During research on cancer I came across the English Golden Retriever.

Anyone that has owned a Golden knows there is no other dog to have.  They have an amazing character and humanistic side to them that endears them to everyone they meet; no one is a stranger.  Their love of companionship and ability to train, sense, and understand is spectacular.  So, for us, it could only be a Golden.

When ready for a puppy, the English Golden was where we turned, and my quest began. I don’t think there is anyone as obsessed and compulsive as me when it comes to research.  I wanted a drivable distance for my puppy, which allowed me to meet the family, home, parent dogs, and visit. I wanted solid health and good pedigree lineage. The emails began.

Jamel answered every email and we had many dialogs related to any and every topic I asked about.  They welcomed me into their home to meet the parents, visit my litter, and pick up my baby.  To me, this verified that it was not just about puppies for them, but about the life of their puppies with the right family.

My puppy was born on Christmas day.  My little angel…Heaven Sent Gabriel.  He nuzzled his way into our hearts and has become the best friend a dog can be.  He is smart, handsome, gentle, and loving.  He is a hunter of scent, and 80 pounds of jolly.  He has healed our souls and opened our world.

I am doing NACSW Nosework, and AKC Rally and Obedience with him.  He has passed his ORT in nosework and our first Trial is coming.  He passed his CGC test and has passed the testing and is a TherapyDog Inc dog.  He has the ability to learn quickly with a fun desire either with a clicker or voice.  gabriel-2He is always ready to interact; with other dogs, in classroom training situations, or a good old-fashioned walk.  I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.  He’s a typical Golden and snuggles with his woobie or carries around a stuffed bunny always.

It’s so much fun to see the moment he ‘gets it’…the relationship it brings, the excitement and accomplishment.  We are able to have a special bond with our dogs when we are involved with their development. He is now three and I look forward to many more healthy and happy years ahead.

Facebook has made it fun to share with Gabe’s littermates and with Jamel and Charity.  Their dogs all become ‘our’ dogs.  Jamel and Charity have taken the time to build the foundation, all the rest is a bonus.