Lynn – Rigby

Jamel & Charity,

We couldn’t be happier with Rigby and he and Tosh are the best of buddies and seem like they have never spent one day apart.  Out trip home from your place was perfect (didn’t get sick in the car) and he had a VERY warm welcome once we got to our house.  Rigby’s transition into our family went very smoothly and the kids loved spending their holiday break getting to know him and playing with both of the dogs.

My oldest daughter loves how cuddly and sweet Rigby is and likes to sit on the floor and have him climb right in her lap.  He and Tosh have their playtime (especially in the morning) but after their morning walk they will lie down right beside each other and snooze the morning away.  I need to send you some pictures of them together.  We create quite a stir whenever we have them together and have to stop and answer questions about how old they are etc….

I know you and your wife had really bonded with him but please rest assured that he is very happy and having a great time with his new family.  We are so grateful to both of you for trusting us to keep him and couldn’t imagine our family without him so thank you once again for adding to our famliy.

I will send pictures as soon as I can and will stay in touch.

Thanks again,