Paula Tziavragos – Bentley

Hi Jamel. It is Paula Tziavragos. I just wanted to give you an update on our boy. It has been 2 weeks and Bentley is absolutely a fantastic dog.  He is extremely chill 95 percent of the time, like a new rug in our home.  He has really gotten into our routine. Potty-trained immediately in NYC. We have a schedule and he is like clock work and in the same spot each time. He goes in his crate nicely at night now without a fuss. He is at my feet most of the day. Lays on the bathroom floor when I bath the kids. Lays on the kitchen floor when I cook dinner. At our feet under the table during meals. At our feet when reading to the kids at bedtime. At my side when tucking the kids in each night. He doesn’t go on the furniture.  Chooses his toys over the kids toys. Loves to sit with me on the park bench when I take the kids to the park. Is so tolerant of the kids. Gets soooo much attention both from people and other dogs in NYC each time I walk him.  Thank you again for such a loving, sweet perfect dog. He truly fits into our family. In fact I am having him groomed for the first time today and the children are sad that he has to be away from us for 3 hours.  Please thank your trainers for us for such great work.  Thank you again for our new family member!!