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Recherche Goldens is a professional breeder and trainer of European white Golden Retrievers. Recherche Goldens was started in 2008 by Jamel and Charity Hamka. Jamel and Charity were married in 2003, in March 2015 they adopted their daughter Grace Anne, in April 2017 they adopted their daughter Mercy Madelynn, and in March 2018 they adopted their son Josiah Joseph.

Recherche Goldens has a large 33+ acre property with a brand new 19,500 square feet of air conditioned/heated living space JUST for the puppies finished in January 2019. As of right now, Recherche Goldens has a team of 21 employees including professional trainers and veterinary technicians. Please click HERE to view all of our current staff! They have given themselves wholly to becoming the most professional breeders and trainers of Golden Retrievers in the country.

Jamel graduated from Crown College with a Bachelor’s in Youth Ministry and from Crown Seminary in 2008 with a Master’s of Ministry. He has served in the ministry since 2004.

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Our Property In Statesville, NC

Story Behind Recherche Goldens

We decided we would like to make a doggy addition to our home, and went hunting for the perfect dog.  For two years we searched, studied and spoke to dozens of breeders. We finally found the perfect breed…the English/European Golden Retriever. We have been absolutely amazed with the English Cream Golden Retriever. They are exceptionally smart, beautiful, calm and sweet.

We chose the English Golden because they are not only the most beautiful and intelligent dogs we have ever been around, but they are healthier than the American Golden Retriever. After much research we were shocked to learn that cancer was the cause of death in an astounding 61.8% of American Goldens and only 38.8% of English Goldens – a HUGE difference. For that reason and many others we selected the English Golden.

We wanted to purchase the best English Goldens in the world and so we researched hundreds of European breeders. We were delighted to purchase our wonderful Goldens from very reputable, high quality breeders. At the beginning, we offered training of our pups as requested by a client. After 3-4 years of offering optional training and training all the Goldens ourselves, we got to the point where we had more clients wanting trained Goldens than we could do ourselves. We decided to take the leap and hire staff for the first time. We learned from experience that we had to hired professional certified dog trainers in order to get our pups trained to the best of their ability. It has been a huge blessing! Our pups are better trained than my wife and I could ever train them. We now have a staff of over 21 full-time employees that average over 350 hours of training for each puppy. Our pups get more attention than we could ever have given by ourselves. In January 2019, we completed our amazing 19,500 square foot facility that took almost 2 1/2 years to design and build.  Because we are so unique, the building was specifically designed for our Puppy Training Institute. The new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art facility will allow us to expand in other breeds as we also hire more staff.”

Our Distinctives


First of all, our English Cream Golden Retrievers have some of the best pedigrees in the world.

All of our Goldens have been imported from only the best European Golden Retriever breeders. If you study our dogs‘ pedigrees you will see multiple World, International and National champions. Also, many of our own dogs are International champions which is very rare in the US. Even if you are not planning on showing your Golden, it is still very beneficial to get a puppy from highly pedigreed parents.

trupanionTo become successful in the show ring, not only do you need to have beautiful Goldens that conform to the Kennel Club standards, but you also need a very intelligent and super sweet temperament. When you get past the basic champion, judges look for a Golden that is highly trained and shows off the incredible sweet, calm and loving temperament of the Golden Retriever.

Our dogs’ parents and parents’ parents have all been hip, elbow, eye and heart tested. They are expensive but necessary tests to determine if the parents have any health issues that are common among Golden Retrievers. All of our English Cream Golden Retrievers have received their BVA or OFA hip & elbow clearance to breed.

Also, each English Cream Golden Retriever is tested annually by a canine ophthalmologist to renew their eye certification (CERF), and has seen a canine cardiologist/veterinarian to gain OFA heart clearance. We also provide up to a 4 year warranty & 1 month of free pet insurance at no charge for each puppy. Please see our Warranty page for more details.


Secondly, we ensure your puppy’s good health.

It starts before your puppy is ever conceived by providing proper diet, exercise and preventative healthcare to the parents. Throughout the pregnancy, the dam is monitored closely to be sure she and the puppies are progressing well. In addition to this she is provided with NuVet and exercise.

We are present to assist with every birth during whelping, and take every pain to make sure each puppy comes through the critical first twenty-four hours in good health.

Each puppy is carefully monitored throughout their time with us, weaned on the best dog food on the planet which is TLC Whole Life Puppy Food and given NuVet and NuJoint

By the time each English Cream Golden Retriever puppy leaves us, it will have had its first vaccination (the “puppy shot,” which is Duramune Max 5, the vaccine for coronavirus, parvovirus, distemper, parainfluenza, adenovirus type 2 (and hepatitis) plus four leptos), 4 dewormings,  coccidia treatment with Marquis and micro-chipping.

We give every puppy a final check up from the veterinarian in which they are given a fecal, heart and full body examination. If they pass they are given an official Interstate Health Certificate.


Thirdly, we employ every possible measure to form good emotional health in each English Cream Golden Retriever puppy.

We consider each of our dogs a member of the family, and that is how we treat them. From day one, the English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are in our home, being handled, played with and loved on every single day. Someone is with them the majority of the time, making sure they are well cared for and interacting with them throughout the day.

potty_trainingWe are very unique in that we crate-train each puppy and partially potty train every puppy. We also have a very thorough extended training program called the Puppy Training Institute  which offers puppy training from 6 weeks to 6 months of age. By the time a puppy graduates from the Puppy Training Institute, it is potty trained, crate trained, leash trained, stair trained, car trained, extensively socialized and knows the foundational commands of “sit,” “stay,” “down,” “come,” “off,” “place,” and more.

The English Cream Golden Retriever is one of the most delightful breeds we have ever encountered. However, as with any breed, if the puppies are not properly socialized, then problems such as excessive shyness, submissive urination (wetting when excited or fearful), and more are often the result.

Due to the number of puppies produced, owners and operators of large kennels and pet stores generally do not have the time to properly socialize the puppies, and as a result, those that purchase puppies from these places often face the challenge of dealing with these emotional issues.


Fourthly, the English Cream Golden Retriever puppy’s welfare is our top priority.

We are determined to pair our white Golden Retriever puppies with families that love them and are committed to the pups’ well-being. Since we demand so much from ourselves as breeders, we are passionate about our pups going home to only the best homes.

Our buyers are not looking for the cheapest English Cream Golden Retriever pup they can find. We only approve buyers that are seeking a companion for life and are committed to our English Cream Golden Retriever with their time, their money and their love.


Fifthly, we make every effort to make your experience of purchasing an English Cream Golden Retriever puppy a smooth and enjoyable process.

TrainingManualOur website was designed to be not only attractive but extremely helpful. We try to answer most of your questions on our FAQ page. We provide each buyer with a detailed report card which designates your individual pup’s current progress and gives advice on how to transition to your home.

We also provide each buyer with a NuVet starter kit, a training lead, a nutrition pack, thorough medical history paperwork and so much more. We believe that attention to every detail is important. We are very approachable and when our materials do not answer a question you might have, we are committed to answering all your questions and fully preparing you to bring home your new family member. Our goal at every point in the process is excellence. We are passionate about sharing this exquisite breed with others, and providing wonderful homes for our pups.

References available upon request. Email us for more information.


Located in Statesville, NC

  • Distance from Statesville:
    Charlotte, NC– 41 miles
    Knoxville, TN– 216 miles
    Atlanta, GA– 278 miles
    Washington D.C. – 379 miles
    New York, NY– 608 miles
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Please take time to read this email sent to us January 13, 2013

Dear Jamel and Charity Hamka,

With great interest I looked at your stunningly beautiful and detailed website, featuring your gorgeous English Cream Goldens and I am not at all embarrassed to admit that I cried because I did not have the good fortune to purchase my English Cream Golden from your kennel. In my overwhelming joy and anticipation of owning one of these beautiful dogs, I acted too hastily and was not selective enough and realized too late that I was dealing with a breeder who offered no information, made no photos, gave no ancestry details and did not ask one single question about us, caring little or nothing about his pup or what kind of home we were going to provide for it.

We paid just a little less than what you ask for your pups, but I would gladly have paid just a bit more in order to know that we would receive a “new member of the family” from an integrative, caring and supportive breeder, who has the best in mind for his dogs and their prospective owners. I am impressed with the in-depth care you are willing to provide from the time your pups are born until they go to their for-ever homes. The training, the exposure, the excellent food and vitamin regimen, all are a guarantee for happy, healthy and well-socialized dogs, making the transition from breeder to new owner so much easier.

I would have loved a few photos, a memento of my dog’s very first weeks, but I was not that lucky! My pup was one you describe on your website, one who was born in a kennel, lived outside until she came to us and who had to compete for her food and water with other siblings and other litters. To this very day she still gulps down her food in unbelievable haste, not chewing it and vomiting it up later, always worried someone will beat her to the bowl and afraid she will have to do without. She was terrified of stairs, any stairs, be it at home or in town and the very beginning principles of toilet training were completely unknown to her. With lots of reassuring, calmness and encouragement I trained my dog to believe that there always will be enough food, that it is o.k. if someone looks in your ears or touches your paw and that we take vitamins every day.

Thank you for the treat of looking at your beautiful website, which contains all the information any prospective English Cream Golden owner ever could wish for!