Our Boy- Ethan

Registered Name:
Studly Ethan of Recherche

Date of Birth: 
February 7, 2017

AKC #: 

Int. Champion Amos & Int. Champion Asha Pup!

Health Information

Hips: BVA 3:3 (OFA equiv. Excellent)

Elbows: BVA 0:0 (Normal)

Eyes: CERF/OFA Cleared (GR-EYE14428/13M-VPI)

Heart: OFA Normal (GR-CA32884/12M/P-VPI)

Country of Origin: USA

Weight: 70 lbs

Height: 23 inches

About Ethan

Ethan is the best and newest stud dog we have ever produced. We have waited a decade of breeding to produce the perfect English Golden to eventually replace Amos. We bred our best stud dog we ever owned (International Champion Amos) with the best dam we ever owned (International Champion Asha). There were 7 boys in the litter and we waited until they were almost 3 months old and selected the best boy in the litter. We chose the boy that was near perfect looking, incredible intelligence & very sweet. We were so blessed to be able to find that in Ethan. He grew up and rarely does a dog with such high expectations meet them. He is better looking than we expected. We believe he is the best looking stud dog…even better than his daddy! He has the tightest hips of any stud dog we ever owned with BVA 3:3 which is extremely tight (OFA equivalent “Excellent”). He is confident, super sweet and smart.

Ethan has his final BVA hip and elbow score (BVA 3:3). This is equivalent to an OFA “Excellent” hip rating (average Golden has a score of 9:9)! His elbows were rated 0:0 by the BVA which is the best score possible. He also has been checked by Carolina Tech’s Regional College of Veterinary Medicine by an ophthalmologist and a veterinarian and has been cleared with OFA for his heart and eyes.

Ethan’s Pedigree

There is no stud dog we have seen in the US that matches Ethan’s pedigree. It combines 2 world-class pedigrees of Amos & Asha. Below are the pedigrees of both parents. You will see from Amos that he has 8 World Champions (Standfast Angus winning 3 times), several International Champions & European Champions in his lineage. He also has several Dutch, German, Finnish, French, Polish, English, Irish, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Norwegian, and Swedish Champions in his pedigree! A thorough review of Asha’s pedigree reveals 2 World Champions, several International Champions & European Champions in her line. She also has several Dutch, Swedish, Luxembourgian, French, Spanish, Norwegian, German, & Belgian champions in her close pedigree!

You may click on any of the names in the pedigree to see his/her official K9 pedigree. You can also see most of their official hip and eye scores. Click Here to see pictures of Ethan’s World Champion parents and grandparents.

International Champion Amos Pedigree

Romanian & Serbian Champion Another Masterpiece of Clear Passion
Hips: B/B (Good)
Elbows: 0/0


WORLD WINNER `06, Dt JCh, Netherlands, Dutch & Luxembourg Champion Moondust Masterpiece Clubsieger 2005 & 2006
Hips: A/A (Excellent)
Elbows: 1/1
English SH. Champion./Dutch/Ger./VDH Champion Garbank Lislone Jackpot
Hips: B1/B2 (Good)
Eng./Irish SH. Ch. Garbank Lislone Edition
Garbank Maschenko of Drumlamford
Moondust Anneliesa
Hips: B/B (Good)
Ger. CH. Nose To Nose of The Hellacious Acres
Garbank Rainbow
Romanian JCH, Champion of Romanian Blues Star Music of Glen Sheallag
Hips: A/A (Excellent)
Elbows: 0/0
Dutch & German Champion, German Junior Ch. Team Spirit of Glen Sheallag

Hips: BVA 3:3(Excellent)
Lux. Junior Ch, Europa Jugend Sgr 02 Joyous Nothing To Declare Club
Trialer Next Please Of Glen Sheallag
Sea Music of Glen Sheallag
Hips: A/A(Excellent)
Mlt&IntCh, ChSwe, Fin, Nor, Trialer Rossmix No Regrets
INT.CH. FCH. Trailer New Music Of Glen Sheallag

Romanian & Serbian Champion Evidence of Love of Clear Passion
Hips: A/A (Excellent)
Elbows: 0/0

International Champion, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian Champion, Tramin Magellan
Hips: A/A (Excellent)
Elbows: 0/0
Dutch, ,Luxembourg,German, VDH Champion, Matador v.d. Beerse Hoeve Europajugendsieger 06, Belgium Junior Winner
Hips: BVA 3:3(Excellent)
Dutch Ch., Ger. Ch., VDH Ch., Ger. Jr. CH. Xanthos Apple Jack Europa Jgs Sgr01, Bundessieger06, Brussels Winner
German Ch Xanthos Lah Di Dah
ChUa, ChBul, ChMol, ChBal, ChRo Serendipity Make My Day All-Ukrainian Winner”06
Hips: A1/A1 (Excellent)
ChBosn Ten To One of Glen Sheallag
Gr Ch Ossien Of Glen Sheallag
Romanian Jr CH & Romanian Champion TRAMIN VIENNA WALTZ
Hips: A/A (Excellent)
Elbows: 0/0
V-European World Champion ’04, Multiple & International Ch. ,GrChUa, ChMol/Bye/Rus/ Bul/Pol Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag All-Ukrainian Winner’03, 05, Winner of RRC
Hips: A1/A1 (Excellent)
WW’01,EW’99,02, Mult & IntCh,ChFr/Ger/Lux/Swi/VDH Paudell Pure Passion
Gr Ch Ossien Of Glen Sheallag
Champion of Moldovia Skandi Sanraiz Gracy Evelina
Hips: B1(Good)
ChRus, Est, Bye Floprym I Am Swedish
IntCh, ChRus, Rkf, Nrc Floprym Bon Appetit

International Champion Asha Pedigree

Int.Sh.Ch,Dt.Vdh.Ch, Swe.Ch, Lux & Dt.VDH JCH, Ashbury Deep Impact Liepzig VDH Sieger,Brandenburg Jugendsieger 2009

Hips: A (Excellent)
Elbows: 0/0


Int.Ch,Int.Sh.Ch,Lux-Dk-CH-Dt.-VDH-S-Fr.Ch Ashbury Angel Heart TAN Suisse, Sel. B.International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayere
Hips: HD A(Excellent)
IntCh, ChFr, ChLux, ChNl, ChVDH, TRIALER Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash
Int Ch & trialer Alibren Mon Cheri avec Stanroph
Ashbury Summer Sun
Hips: HD A(Excellent)
WW’01,EW’99,02, Mult & IntCh,ChFr/Ger/Lux/Swi/VDH Paudell Pure Passion
INT.Ch, Ch. IB & Trialer Ashbury Lovely Lisane
Ashbury Together For Ever
Hips: A/A (Excellent)
Elbows: 0/0
Vice-EW’98, Mult/Int/Sw/Lux/Fr/Sp Ch, Trialer Scrabble of Glen Sheallag
Hips: HD A(Excellent)
Nor./Lux. Ch. Waterloo’s Rock Around The Clock
WW’95, MultCh, JChLux Orange-Juice of Glen Sheallag Belg/Fr/Lux/Nor/Den/Swed Ch
CH IB, Lux, Suisse Ashbury Real Pleasure
Hips: HD A(Excellent)
WW’01,EW’99,02, Mult & IntCh,ChFr/Ger/Lux/Swi/VDH Paudell Pure Passion
Ashbury Oh Pretty Girl

Sheer Magic of the Morning Valley

Hips: FCI A (Excellent)
Elbows: 0/0

DTS.CH & VDH CH. Dream Max An Apple A Day
Hips: C1 (Fair)
Elbows: 0/0
SE U(U)CH NO UCH Jazzman’s Da Capo Top Studdog Sweden
Hips: HD A(Excellent)
NUCH Siatham Raynor
NO UCH Jako’s Hope
SU(U)CH NUCH Eplepai av Vervik
Hips: A/A (Excellent)
Multi Ch & Multi W Tottelina Observer
NUCH Dasty Golden Daffodil
Dts.CH & VDH CH Bliss of the Morning Valley
Hips: HD A1(Excellent)
Elbows: 0/0
Snowdon of the Morning Valley
Hips: HD C(Fair)
NUCH SU(u)CH Inassicas Snow Storm
Muireann of the Morning Valley
Lourdes of the Morning Valley
Hips: B1(Good)
Biggles of the Hellacious Acres
Gamefair of the Morning Valley

Ethan’s Pictures