SOLD! “Faith”- Retired Adult Female English Golden

Registered Name:
Marina’s Faith in God

Date of Birth: 
June 13, 2013

AKC #: 

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Health Information

Hips: BVA 3:5 (OFA equiv. Excellent/Good)

Elbows: BVA 0:0 (OFA equiv. Clear)

Eyes: CERF/OFA Cleared (GR-EYE6268/17F-VPI)

Heart: OFA Normal (GR-CA26288/12F/P-VPI)

About Faith

Faith is another incredible girl that we are very sad to be retiring. Faith is a beautiful girl that we raised from when she was a young pup. She has lived in our home and has been a joy to own. Faith’s personality is dependent, slightly calm and naturally sensitive. She is a very loving and sweet girl. She loves to cuddle and to be with people. She’s not clingy or needy but she’s definitely more dependent than she is independent. She has a very balanced energy level. She is calm but not extremely. She will play still and has some energy but overall she is calm. She is naturally sensitive and submissive. She desires to please us and doesn’t take much correction. Her only weaknesses are that she is sensitive and can be shy. She’s never been a dog that’s extremely outgoing and confident. Her other weakness is that she is dominant in a pack structure with the girls. It is natural for there to be an “alpha” female and she was that in our kennel. She is getting spayed so we are hopeful that she will lose that once the hormones go away but just in case, we do not recommend her for a home where you have a female dog. She get’s along great with male dogs or with any body. It’s just female dogs that we had issues with her wanting to dominate. She’s doing very well in her training and is extremely house trained. She’s potty trained, crate trained, leash trained and car trained. She’s doing very good with her obedience commands and has learned already several commands she never was taught as a puppy. She doesn’t have any other behavioral issues we see in some Goldens like digging, chewing or barking. She’s very healthy and has been spayed. She’s available to go home to a wonderful family as early as Christmas-time. She’s being professionally training and living with a trainer every day so she will get better and better obedience trained.

Faith has the highest health clearances possible with perfect hips (BVA/OFA Excellent), elbows (BVA 0:0), eyes and heart. This is extremely rare, especially for a Golden Retriever. According to the OFA (Click HERE to see Study), over 127,268 different Golden Retrievers hips x-rays have been submitted and only 4% of Golden Retrievers score an “Excellent” rating. Anything below a BVA 4:4 is an “Excellent” hip rating which means Faith is in the top 4% of all Golden Retriever scores.

Faith’s pedigree is incredible. Faith’s father is a USA International Champion imported in from Hungary. Her mother is also an International Champion imported from the Netherlands.

She is able to go home after:

  1. Level 1 Training-   Dec. 23, 2020 OR
  2. Level 2 Training-   Jan. 23, 2021 OR
  3. Level 3 Training-   Feb. 23, 2021

Faith Prices

Level 1 Training- training till Dec. 23- $12,900

Level 2 Training- training till Jan. 23- $14,900

Level 3 Training- training till Feb. 23- $16,900

Faith’s Pictures

  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8976
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8971
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8970
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8968
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8966
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8963
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8915
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8928
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8929
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8952
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8953
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8958
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8960
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_8992
  • Faith_Bentley_Feb15_9002