SOLD! “Mindy”- Retired Adult Female English Golden

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If interested read through this entire page (including prices) and fill out Puppy Application

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Registered Name: Whitegold’s Georgia On My Mind

AKC #: SR74640504

Date of Birth: August 15, 2012

Hips: OFA Good (GR-113185G31F-VPI)

Elbows: OFA Normal (GR-EL33328F31-VPI)

Eyes: OFA Clear (GR-EYE4632/19F-VPI)

Heart: OFA Heart Normal (GR-CA25863/19F/P-VPI)

prcd-PRA: Optigen Clear (Optigen 14-7113)

PRA1: Optigen Clear (Optigen 14-7113)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text el_class=”section-bar”]About Mindy[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Mindy is an incredible girl that we are very sad to be retiring. She has produced some of our best pups we have ever owned. She is perfectly healthy and has almost zero behavioral issues whatsoever. Her personality is very calm, laid back, mature, loving and confident. She is very unique in that she is very calm and very confident. Most of the time a dog this calm is going to have major fear issues. We have never had a dog so calm and so confident. She’s very low energy and not a dog that’s going to be high energy or hyper. She’s not pushy or dominant. She get’s along great with almost every dog. She’s loving and very gentle. She will adjust VERY quickly to whatever home she goes to. She isn’t a dog that’s very playful and will amaze you with obedience training but she’s a dog that’s perfectly house trained and going to love you unconditionally. She is doing great in crate training, potty training, jump training and doesn’t have any behavioral issues we see in some Goldens like digging, chewing or barking. She’s very healthy and has been spayed. She’s available to go home to a wonderful family as early as Christmas-time. She’s being professionally training and living with a trainer every day so she will get better and better obedience trained.

Mindy is the daughter of Recherche’s female International Ch. Jade & International Ch. Dutch. She so beautiful with a solid thick white coat and beautiful head. Whenever a family comes to look at our dogs, Mindy stands out. She’s so good looking that we had to purchase her and we are so glad we did because her pups are great. She is a beautiful girl weighing in at 58 lbs.

Mindy’s pedigree is incredible. Her father is International Champion Dutch which makes her grandfather the winningest Golden in the world we know of today…2009 & 2011 World Champion Dewmist Silk Screen. Mindy’s mother is Jade and you see several some of the most beautiful French dogs like Ashbury Angel Heart and Royal Salute du Pays de Boheme. There are also many English/UK, Dutch, Finland, Slovakian, German, Czech, Polish, Austrian, Hungarian, Luxembourg and Amsterdam Champions there. Mindy’s health clearances are near perfect. She has passed her hip, elbow, eye and heart exams easily. We are so excited about Mindy in every way! You can view Mindy’s official pedigree by clicking HERE.

She is able to go home after:

  1. Level 1 Training-   Jan. 28, 2021 OR
  2. Level 2 Training-   Feb. 28, 2021 OR
  3. Level 3 Training-   Mar. 28, 2021


If interested read through this entire page (including prices) and fill out Puppy Application

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Level 1 Training- training till Jan. 28- $11,900

Level 2 Training- training till Feb. 28- $13,900

Level 3 Training- training till Mar. 28- $15,900

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  • Nov_11_2015_4301
  • Nov_11_2015_4280
  • Nov_11_2015_4281
  • Nov_11_2015_4275
  • Nov_11_2015_4276
  • Nov_11_2015_4282
  • Nov_11_2015_4283
  • Nov_11_2015_4286
  • Nov_11_2015_4289
  • Nov_11_2015_4293
  • Nov_11_2015_4292
  • Nov_11_2015_4291
  • Nov_11_2015_4298
  • Nov_11_2015_4296

If interested read through this entire page (including prices) and fill out Puppy Application