Our Girl – Moriah

Registered Name:
Recherche’s Mt. Moriah

Date of Birth: 
November 21, 2016

AKC #: 

About Moriah

Moriah was produced by us from Russian Champion Nadia and Jack. We were not planning on keeping a pup from that litter but Moriah was the best looking female we have ever seen as a puppy. She was confident, calm and exceptionally beautiful. We even featured her as the main dog in a commercial shot with “James Bond” (Daniel Craig). You can see her if you go to 24-28 seconds into the video. That was Moriah as a puppy! She’s also on the far right chair in 44 seconds into the video. You can see why we decided to keep her! She has an incredibly blocky head for a girl and solid white (not cream coat). She was also very confident and calm which is the most difficult but desired trait to produce in English Goldens. Most calm dogs are shy and most confident dogs are outgoing. She’s calm, laid back and very confident. We just had to keep her. Thankfully all of her health test came back perfect and she scored in the top 4% of Goldens with her hip, elbow, eyes and heart clearances.

Moriah’s Pedigree

Moriah’s parents are Nadia and Jack. Both parents were imported from Europe, has near perfect health clearances and have many show champions. Nadia has an incredible pedigree. If you study her pedigree you will see that she has several International Champions & European Champions. She also has several Russian, Slovakian, Germany, Dutch, English, Luxemborg, Finish, Polish, Hungarian, & Austrian champions in her pedigree! You can view her pedigree by clicking HERE. Jack’s grandfather  is one of the highest winning Golden Retrievers in the WORLD today…Dewmist Silk Screen. Dewmist Silk Screen won his World Championship title in 2009 and incredibly won it again in 2011. You can view his pedigree by clicking HERE.

Moriah’s Pictures

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