How to Gently Teach Your Dog Not to Jump on People


  • Understanding Puppy Love: Discover why puppies jump as a gesture of affection and how to manage this behavior as they grow.
  • Calm Greeting Techniques: Learn effective methods to teach your dog to greet family members and guests without jumping.
  • Recherche Doodles’ Expert Training: Explore how Recherche Doodles’ comprehensive training program instills good manners and obedience in puppies, preparing them for a well-behaved life in their new homes.

When you welcome a furry bundle of joy into your family, every moment is filled with warmth and laughter. One of these heartwarming moments is undoubtedly when your puppy jumps up to greet you. It’s a sign of their love and excitement, but as your puppy grows, this adorable behavior can become more challenging, especially around the youngest and oldest members of the family.

Why Do Dogs Jump on People? A Canine’s Show of Love and Excitement

This jumping is more than just playful behavior; it’s a deep-rooted expression of joy and a desire to be closer to their human ‘pack.’ In the wild, wolves greet each other with face licks, and your dog is just following this instinct. However, what starts as a cute puppy quirk can turn into a habit that’s hard to break as your dog grows.

Many dog owners, perhaps without realizing it, reinforce this behavior. Who can resist picking up a tiny, excited puppy? But as they grow, this habit might no longer be as adorable or safe.

The Art of Teaching Your Dog Calm Greetings

The secret to teaching your dog not to jump lies in understanding their desire for your attention. Instead of scolding them for jumping, try ignoring them when they do. Wait until they’re calm, then give them all the attention they crave. This teaches them that calm behavior, not jumping, is the way to your heart.

Consistency is key. Make sure everyone in your family follows the same approach. If one person allows jumping while another does not, it can send mixed signals to your furry friend.

Training for Polite Greetings with Guests and Strangers

It’s equally important to train your dog on how to interact with guests and strangers. One effective method is to teach your dog to sit when meeting someone. This action is more straightforward for dogs to grasp than the concept of not jumping.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to this training approach:

  • Start with your dog on a leash beside you, in a sit position.
  • Have a friend slowly approach.
  • If your dog stands up, the friend should stop and step back. Ask your dog to sit again.
  • Repeat this process until your dog stays seated as your friend approaches.
  • When your dog succeeds, reward them with gentle praise or a treat.

During initial training, when guests arrive, your dog might forget their manners in the excitement. Keeping them on a leash or in a designated area can help manage their enthusiasm. Once things calm down, you can introduce them to the new arrival.

Proactive Puppy Training for a Lifetime of Good Manners

Starting training early is the best way to ensure your dog develops good habits. At Recherche Doodles, we understand this, which is why every puppy undergoes a thorough training program. Our professional trainers focus on key aspects like house training, socialization, and obedience, ensuring your puppy is well-prepared for a life full of love and proper manners in their new home.

By understanding and gently guiding your dog’s behavior, you can ensure a harmonious, happy relationship that brings joy to your entire family.