SOLD! Isaac- Retired Young Adult Special Needs English Golden Male

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Isaac is an incredibly loving and sweet dog that we produced to eventually become a stud dog. At Recherche Goldens, we have very high standards for our breeding dogs….and even higher for our stud dogs. Every stud dog must be sweet, smart, handsome and pass their ichthyosis, hip, elbow, eye and heart clearance. Isaac checked every single box except for scoring a Grade 1 on his left elbow. With as much time and money invested in him, most breeders would breed him with a female with perfect elbows but we simply didn’t want to take the chance. As a result, he is “retired” without actually producing a litter for us. He is getting neutered and offered to a great home. 

Isaac’s personality score is 8:8:8 meaning he is very dependent, outgoing and very confident. THE biggest weakness of English Goldens by far is confidence. Many are timid and fearful and Isaac has always been naturally fearless and a dog that is easily trained. He could become a therapy or service dog we are convinced. Every one of our breeding dogs are trained from a pup and Isaac is no different. He wasn’t continuously trained like our other pups on the website but he still received house training, crate training and obedience training. He is doing very well as the video shows and is getting training every day until he goes home so he’ll get better and better. He is a big blocky head boy with a stunning light cream coat. He is full grown at 60 lbs. 

The advantage of getting Isaac is that he has all of his other health clearances. He scored in the top 20% of Golden Retrievers with his hip score, perfect eyes, perfect heart and is ichthyosis clear. Again his left elbow scored a grade 1 dysplasia which doesn’t mean he has arthritis. It just means that his elbow is looser than preferred and he has a higher chance of developing elbow dysplasia in his left elbow. Below are the Health Clearances of Isaac:

Hips: HERE
Elbows: HERE
Eyes: HERE
Heart: HERE
Ichthyosis: HERE

As a result of the elbows, we are offering Isaac at a very reduced price to compensate for the worst case scenario where he would need a surgery on his elbow sometime in the future. There is a good chance being a grade 1 that he will never develop arthritis. Both his parents, grandparents and great grandparents have elbow clearances so it doesn’t run in his lines. 

Isaac Pricing

Level 1 Training


Go-Home Date:
March 14, 2024

Level 2 Training


Go-Home Date:
April 14, 2024

Level 3 Training


Go-Home Date:
May 14, 2024

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Ready to add Isaac to your home?