Alex Huffman

My husband and I purchased a Recherche Golden 2+ years ago, and it was the absolute best decision! The staff at Recherche are so professional and knowledgeable. Our boy has been the highlight of our life and brightens each day. He is the sweetest, most gentle and calm dog we’ve ever met, and we constantly are getting compliments on his calm demeanor (and looks)! We believe that his personality is do to the great breading, training, and nurturing environment at Recherche. He came to us at 10 weeks old knowing how to sit, down and was very good about going to the bathroom outside.

Our dog will be getting a human sibling this month, and we know that he is going to be the absolute best most loving big brother. We are so excited to see his relationship with his sister! Dogs are a huge commitment, and although Recherche is expensive, it’s worth every penny. We couldn’t love our boy anymore, and we would definitely buy another Recherche golden in the future (but are very happy with our only child dog for now)!