First of all let me apologize for not emailing before now. Beans is 16 months old! He is intelligent, kind, smart, athletic, well mannered, and is a very good brother to our 2 1/2 year old Golden, Lily. We think he is so handsome and we receive comments to that effect constantly when we are out. One of my favorites and somewhat redundant, described him as “gorgeously beautiful.” I have included a few recent photos but unfortunately he has had a summer haircut. He also has a beautiful coat but he loves to swim and it is just easier for us. He is big, taller than Lily, and weighs 85 lbs. This is his second summer at our home in Montana.

We came out last year when he was a baby, shortly after we picked him up at your facility. He had completed the month of puppy training with you and that was very beneficial. When we returned to Atlanta in the fall, he went to boarding school for 2 months where Lily was trained. His trainer called him a “rock star.