Chad – Milo


The unanimous opinion of Milo is that he is indeed a remarkable dog, in appearance, demeanor, and intelligence.  That opinion is shared by everyone so inclined to volunteer their opinion to me, as well as those that I have professionally consulted.

I’ve never had so much attention drawn in my direction as when Milo is with me, like iron filings to a magnet.  I find myself calling him ‘Hollywood’ instead, looking over my shoulder for paparrazi.  He’s really a wonderful fellow, sweet as a confection, gentle as a lamb, and calming to everyone around him.  He makes friends where there were none.  He really is ‘the one who brings happiness’.

I’m betting his mom is pretty close to ‘perfection’, too.  As far as the AKC Golden Retriever breed, I have no idea how well or not Milo conforms, other than what I’ve read in books.  Is there a rock star rating?

I do know for a fact that the world is a lesser place, because there is only one Milo to share amongst all of us.

Have a good day,