Deb Richmond

Our 10 year old Great Pyrenees, Moose, died of cancer last summer here in Montana. We are in a remote area with occasional visits from bears and mountain lions and having Moose was comforting. However, Moose was untrained, quick to react and did not listen when called back. I was never sure if he would make it back. At this moment Beans is sitting with me watching a group of turkeys on the driveway. He has been told to stay and he will.

Last night he stopped when instructed when a bobcat ran in back of the shed. I really think your puppy school gave him a good foundation even as young as he was then. We are so pleased with him and will continue to recommend your breeding program. Your attention to detail, knowledge, and caring were evident to us. Thank you again for our Beans. By the way the name totally suits him.