Destiny Valladares – Jammer


I work with George Strait’s dog, Jammer. I’m a trainer in the South Texas area.

Jammer is just over 1 year old now and was purchased from you. I’ve worked with hundreds of dogs in my lifetime and I very rarely find a temperament like Jammer’s.

My question for you is – Is the calm, easy-going temperament that I see in this dog typical of your litters? In my opinion, Jammer would make a fantastic therapy or service dog. I work with other families who have a need for therapy/service dog-type temperaments.

I’d like to point them in your direction if this is typical of your litters. Of course I realize that not every dog is the same. Basically, I’m interested as to whether or not you see a genearlized calm demeanor in your pups.

Many thanks,