Gigi Devine – Eli

Happy Holidays Jamel and Charity,

I can’t seem to locate your “snail mail” address on your website. I have a Christmas card with the two of us & Eli on it that I’d like to send to you. I promise not to send out your address to anyone else.

Eli is now 8 months old. He is the dog of our dreams! Smart, beautiful, calm, loving, gentle….We have many friends who have begged to take him home. Not a chance….but we do swell with pride.  At all times he has something in his mouth. His favorite toy is a stuffed animal that looks like a Bernese Mountain Dog. When Eli doesn’t have the stuffed animal in his mouth he is snuggled up next to our 8 year old  “real” Bernese Mtn. dog Sadie. He adores Sadie, and has been very good for her mental health. She remains painfully shy, but loves Eli.

If I get your home address I’ll send you our card along with a picture of our grandchildren w/ Eli this summer. Too cute for words.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, puppy-filled year (2011)