Ginny & Mike Sellers – Cooper

Jamel, I was looking at Cooper’s final video last night to review John’s instructions.  Cooper was lying next to my desk, napping.  When he heard John’s voice, he lifted his little head and looked around the room for him…he didn’t cry but definitely recognized John’s voice!

Again, thank you.  He is doing everything you said he would do.  Regardless of how much we wanted and loved our puppies, bringing them home at eight weeks was a huge stress and a lot of work to get good, obedient, trustworthy family members.  With Cooper taking him out at regular intervals, after he eats, and being consistent with your training program – just add love, hugs, and kisses – perfect boy!

No reply is expected.  I will send pictures to you intermittently.  He is lying right next to me as I write this.

Thank you again,