Julia Hussey – Maggie

Wanted to give you an update on Maggie.  She is growing beautifully and happily.  She is a wonderful, sweet, calm, playful, loving puppy.  She is wise, too!

Our 15 year old Gordon Setter is crotchety, particularly with other dogs.  Maggie was very careful to approach him sweetly.  She was very friendly, loved him immediately, approached him often, but did not invade his personal space.  How she knew to do that, I’ll never know.  It took about 10 days, but now Woody just cannot help himself.  He is crazy about Maggie.  They even play together!!!

My grandchildren crawl all over Maggie (with my supervision, I won’t let them hurt her).  They tried to persuade her to take a bath with them, but she wisely refrained.  We are so very happy with Maggie in our home.  We are going to pursue becoming a therapy dog team.  Thank you so much for your guidance in our selecting her.

Best Regard,