Melissa Wright – Miss Peach

Just wanted to update you on how ‘Miss Peach’ is doing… She is such a PERFECT puppy!  We are all madly in love with her and the only reason I didn’t send an email sooner is because I couldn’t stand to stop playing with her long enough to send an email.

She is so outgoing, wants to be with us constantly (even as I’m typing this she is asleep in my lap), and follows us around the backyard.  If she has a fearful bone in her body, we haven’t seen any evidence of it.  In fact I dropped a metal pan in the kitchen when she was nearby and she didn’t seem to startle at all… just came prancing over to check out the commotion with her tail wagging.

She is a great sleeper. I placed her crate beside my bed where she could see me and she only cried to use the potty.  I wasn’t expecting to get much sleep the first few nights, but so far, she is only waking up once at night to go potty, usually around 1:30-2:00. She seems to know exactly what to do when she gets outside.  I was expecting to have to walk her for 10-15 minutes, but she usually uses the potty within a minute of hitting the grass.  That was a pleasant surprise!

I had high expectations because I know how socialized and well-treated your puppies are, but she has exceeded all of them.  She had her first vet appointment this morning.  She has not had any diarrhea since we brought her home and doesn’t appear to be stressed at all.  In fact I am amazed at how confident she is in her new surroundings.  Thanks for caring so much about your dogs.  It really shows in your puppies!