Michelle Elder – Sandy


Sandy is doing great.  We love her and she is such a joy in our life!  She was fully potty trained (never an incident after three weeks in our home).  She has now graduated to having freedom of the first floor when we are home and we’re having no troubles.  She still sleeps in her crate at night and when we are not home.

She is enrolled in another obedience class to start in early January to hone her skills in distracting environments.  She sits, down, down-stays, rolls over,comes, opens, drops, leave it, fetch, get me toy, shhh,  and leash walks (neads improvement but working on it) all of these fine in a quiet environment, but when there are other important things ( blowing leaves and other puppies) to distract  her she is less quick to do it, so we will be working on these in her next class.

She was 32lbs. at her 4 month check up, so she should be about a 65 lb. dog and she is now starting to get her feathers (longer hair).  Our family ( 10 people) just left after staying with us for 4 days and she was great with everyone around.  My family couldn’t believe how calm and obedient she already is.

Thank you for everything and God Bless to you and your family.