Roger Holeywell – Finley

We’ve had our Finley now for almost a year and couldn’t be happier with the decision to purchase from Recherche. I thought that Jamel did an outstanding job responding to our questions and organizing the purchase and air transportation. I had expected to have to travel to North Carolina myself, but he handled all of the arrangements for Finley to be shipped by air. When Finley came out at the live animal desk at United air freight, he was so relaxed that you would have thought he commuted by air every day.
Finley is our 4th golden and, while they’ve all had wonderful dispositions, you can see that Recherche spent a lot of effort on his early socialization, because he’s our first golden who isn’t bothered a bit by thunderstorms or fireworks. When he arrived he was about 80-90% trained for sit, stay, and walk and with a little refresher from “Bark Busters” (for us) he’s picked up almost everything else very quickly.

Nothing is guaranteed in life, but so far he is a healthy boy with no issues, allergies, or food problems. His personality is almost exactly like Jamel described, equal parts affectionate and self-sufficient. We wanted to have a ‘puppy experience’ without too much work and Recherche’s extended puppy training was a perfect solution. He was almost completely house trained when he arrived and had just a few accidents. He spent maybe a week in his crate at night and then very quickly graduated to having the run of the house and sleeping on our bed.