Todd & Kathy Holmes – K.C.

Over the last 16 years, Kathy and I have had 3 Goldens, 2 American Goldens and our recent new European Golden, K.C., from Jamel and Charity. We have learned a great deal about how important a quality breeder is during our 16 year experience. Our first Golden was purchased from a back yard breeder (Mistake!) and our second from a kennel breeder (Better). We loved and cherished them both but their overall quality and demeanor pales in comparison to K.C. Kathy and I are convinced that this is due to the attention that he received while in Jamel and Charity’s care.

Jamel and Charity delivered on every aspect of providing a loving foundation for K.C. and a pleasant experience for us. The puppy updates and pictures provided, starting at K.C.’s birth, made us feel that we were close to him, despite the fact that we were a few states away.

We decided to have K.C. participate in Puppy Academy and found it very rewarding. Again, Jamel and Charity delivered on every promise that was made. K.C.’s training foundation, provided by Jamel and Charity, made it very easy for me to continue with his training once he was with us.

He was responsive to all basic commands, easily potty trained, comfortable with the crate and the car and was socialized beyond our expectations. Our neighbors, all of whom have dogs, just couldn’t believe that K.C. was only 12 weeks old when they met him. They were all amazed that he approached them calmly, without the over enthusiasm and jumping that puppies usually partake in. K.C. is now close to 6 months old and his demeanor has remained consistent. He is well beyond where you would expect a pup of 6 months old to be. Again, Kathy and I are convinced that this is a result of quality breeding and breeder involvement!

Kathy and I highly recommend Jamel and Charity. I’m sure that you can invest less in a Golden but I will guarantee, based on our experience, that you won’t get near the quality.

Thank you Jamel and Charity!