Why Should You Trust Recherche Kennels?

Why Should You Trust Recherche Kennels?

Because of the price of our dogs and the uniqueness of our program we sell our pups all over the country and even the world. Our clients are obviously people of means and almost all are very intelligent and diligent with their monies. They are wanting to make a good investment in their family by providing a well-trained, beautiful and healthy puppy. There are several things we do to build trust and to prove ourselves not to be a scam. I believe in faith in God but not faith in man. The less faith we ask you to put in us the better. We want you to feel comfortable because you have SEEN and know that we are legit. Here are the 5 main things we do to prove we aren’t a scam:


We shoot very good videos so that you can see that we do have very good pups and actually show them trained. We have younger pups available but we like to list them older so we can actually show them trained. The other option is to sell them younger and try to get families to trust us that we train our pups. We do sell younger pups but those are typically to repeat clients and referrals. But the majority of our pups we shoot a video of the pup and sell them in a couple of weeks. Notice we always mention dates on the video so you know that we are recycling older videos to try to sell new pups. After your reserve the pup we continue to shoot videos every 2 weeks and always do a microchip check on camera so you know the pup that’s trained in the video is your pup that you are getting.

BBB Rating

We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and are members in good standings. We have an A+ rating as you can see HERE . We work hard at making sure all of our clients are happy. A+ doesn’t mean perfection. It means when there is an imperfection, we treat our clients right.  

Online Reviews

No breeder is perfect and if a dog breeder has been breeding for any length of time, they will have puppies produced with health issues, behavioral issues, etc… On top of that, it is human nature for people to share bad news much more than good news. Out of ever 10 clients that are happy maybe one will take the time to write a positive review. Out of every 10 clients that are unhappy around 8 out of 10 will take the time to share their experience. With that said, we have very good reviews on Google, Facebook and BBB.  

Merchant Account

We have a merchant account through Stripe to accept all major credit cards. To get a merchant account, we have to go through tons of hoops. It’s more complicated than signing for a mortgage! If we are a scam and someone pays with their credit/debit card for the deposit, you can do a chargeback and get your money back. Stripe would be on the line so they vet us thoroughly. It is very hard for a breeder to get a merchant account since it’s not a normal business. Most breeders get paid via wire transfer, check, cash or maybe PayPal. I personally don’t like PayPal because almost anyone can get a PayPal account and it’s harder to get your money back if scammed. Having a merchant account requires a secure website (SLI). Look at the URL at the top of the page and you’ll notice that is has a lock logo or the SLI phrase showing the website is secure.


We definitely welcome visits and would love to have a client come anytime Monday-Saturday. The only thing we ask for a visit is that an approved application is filled out. We have what we believe are the best facilities and staff around. We are very proud to show you our facilities and give you a tour. We would love for you to meet the pups and see them in action.