Meshach- Stud

Registered Name:
Meshach of Recherche

Date of Birth: 
July 22, 2021

AKC #: 

Health Information

Hips: ANKC 2:2 & OFA Excellent 6:7

Elbows: ANKC 0:0 (Perfect)

Eyes: OFA Clear (GR-EYE29427/14M-VPI)

Heart: OFA Normal (GR-BCA5372/13M/P-VPI)

Ichthyosis: Clear

Country of Origin: United States

Weight: 76 lbs

Height: 24 inches

About Meshach

Meshach is perhaps one of the best stud dogs we have ever produced at Recherche Kennels. He is the son of Finley & Aquila and was chosen because he was Ichthyosis Clear as well as incredible looks and pedigree. Being the son of Finley, he has an incredibly blocky head and white coat. He is very loving and sweet and even though he’s a big boy, he’s not dominant or aggressive. He’s very solid and stocky and weighs in at 77 lbs.

Mechach has perfect health clearances scoring as good or better in all of his scores than any dog we have ever owned. Anything lower than 4:4 is “OFA Excellent” and only 4% of Goldens score that. Mechach scored 2:2 which is amazing.

Meshach’s Pedigree

Meshach has one of the most unique pedigrees of any dog we own. His grandfather is the 2013 World Champion Bonett Bride Energy Source (aka Diesel). His mother is also an incredible champion and in his pedigree you will find some of the World’s Best Golden Retrievers to have ever lived including 2001 World Champion Paudell Pure Passion, Real McCoy of Glen Sheallag, and the only 3 Time World Champion 1991, 1992 & 1993 Standfast Angus. Click here to see Finley’s pedigree and here to see his mother’s Aquila’s pedigree.

Meshach’s Pictures